January 24th, 2010

Yacht Brochures

I have hundreds of original Yacht Brochures collected during my time in the marine trade over many years. These are available as scanned copies in full colour or black & white as per the original brochure. If you have a yacht and require original manufacturers information or are contemplating buying a yacht, check my website for listings in categories Yachts: GRP (incl. Cat & Trimarans), Wood, Steel, Alloy and FerroCement and Powercraft: GRP and Wood. All available as scanned copies in .pdf format by email.

My website is: www.yachtbrochures.co.uk

Complete the order form with the number of brochures you require, class of yacht and method of paying and I will confirm your order and how to complete payment either through Pay Pal (no account needed), personal cheque, Bank Transfer or cash.

The information contained in these brochures is unique and from the original manufacture.
It will normally include photographs, dimensions, hull and sail plan drawings and much more. For informative and correct information, obtain a scanned copy of┬áthe yacht in which you are interested – an essential part of your yacht portfolio or if you are thinking of buying a yacht or just have a nostaglic interest in one you used to own.