June 24th, 2009

Greensleeves Holistic Therapy Centre

Celia Strange M.C.S.P., S.R.P., M.B.T.E.R.

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist and a registered Bowen Therapist

Practice address

Greensleeves Holistic Therapy Centre

44 Parkwood Avenue,

Wivenhoe, Essex.CO7 9AN

Telephone; 01206 823365, m. 07789857619 e.greensleeves@tyton.co.uk

I qualified as a chartered physiotherapist in 1974 at St. Mary’s hospital in London.  My experience in the NHS has been in every area of Medicine. I retired in March 2007 and trained to be a Bowen Therapist to add to my skills.

My website is www.bowenincolchester.co.uk

What I provide.

  • A very relaxing, peaceful environment.
  • All the time you need.
  • I treat your whole body to maximise the benefit you receive from the treatment session.

‘’I must confess that I do not understand how the treatment works but I can guarantee that with Celia it does. ‘’A.C Aged 60 from Clacton