April 28th, 2009


Welcome to the WivenhoeFirst Website

WivenhoeFirst was originally an initiative from the Wivenhoe Town Council to promote businesses within Wivenhoe. It was started by Peter Hill who was then the Mayor of Wivenhoe. The aim was and still is for the local community to use a local businesses first.

This website continues with this ethos and we hope that it is a useful asset for the community of Wivenhoe and the surrounding areas.

On the right you will find a list of business categories and by clicking on them you will find details of all the businesses in that sector within Wivenhoe.

Wivenhoe Cycle Link – Heard of it?, bet you haven’t!

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  Ancient Oaks step aside for new Cycleway.

Work on the long awaited cycleway between Wivenhoe Fire Station and Essex University campus    will soon get underway.

Essex County Council will be delivering their Option 1 scheme with initial work to clear vegetation and remove trees starting during the school holiday period. The main works are planned to commence in September, and the entire programme is scheduled to be completed before Christmas.

Plans for the cycleway, which is to be constructed on the existing pathway, will considerably add to the width of the path. As a consequence, Colchester Road will be realigned. Realignment will involve removal of the hedgerow and Oak trees on the Eastern side of the carriageway.

Essex County Council’s plans for this option were suspended for an ecological survey into a possible Bat habitation of the Oaks. Those surveys failed to find any such evidence.  At the same time, Colchester Borough Council raised an objection to the destruction of the ancient oaks, considering them to be archaeologically significant.

Following discussions with Essex County Council, Colchester Council’s planners have now consented to the hedge being removed.

The scheme requires a replacement hedge to be planted alongside the realigned road.

<Click Here> to see the Essex County Council document and here for the Press Release

The hedgerows and trees that are hundreds of years old will be felled and we understand that there are Tawney Owls that will be losing their homes. Wivenhoe Town Council believe that the new Cycle Path should be on the opposite side of the road.


WivenhoeFirst are also involved with the Wivenhoe Business Association who are supporting local businesses and traders and there are many initiatives in place to support local business’s. You will see the Wivenhoe Business Association funded Map and Noticeboard by the entrance to the King George V playing fields, which was erected on Tuesday 5th July 2011 and we regularly fill it up with new leaflets which includes a map of the village for visitors to take away with them.